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Possibility and temporality

Possibility is an element of temporality, of time. We are localized in the present, but our overlay—our relationship to the present—is never just the present itself, it’s either the past/present or the present/future. Of the two, the pull invariably is for the past/present. We can see the pull of “past/present” everywhere—especially when we have a good or bad experience.

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We locate those memories and the decisions we made about them out in front of us—into our future. Our future then becomes shaped, and filtered through those decisions, limiting what’s even seen or imagined as possible.

Starting from possibility reverses the flow—it becomes a future/present pull, which changes the game entirely. Even at its earliest stages, possibility leaves us with power and freedom. Altering the temporality of things is not just a matter of time–it’s a matter of the quality of our lives.

Landmark Forum Leader Laurel Scheaf

Laurel Scheaf
Landmark Forum leader

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