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The unique creative power of love

Painting: Merlyn Bost

We all experience moments of real emotion, excitement, passion, when our feelings toward another kind of “take us over.” In our best, our most vivid moments of living, we observe those powerful feelings and recognize them as love. Later, when we speak of those moments, they’ve already passed. We remember, however, having decided that we love that person and live from that memory as true. There is a big difference between being in the presence of love in that moment and having a concept of, or memory of that moment. When that’s clear to us, we’re able to see the difference between concept and presence throughout many other aspects of our lives as well (for example, the memory of a vision for our life we once had, and being in the presence of that vision).

There is a whole other possibility of love available when we are in the presence of love—a love that occurs in every moment— always accessible and always true to who we are. This love doesn’t rely on feelings or passions of the moment to make itself known nor on particular gestures for its expression. Rather, such love proceeds from our being, from possibility. It’s a choice, a declaration of who we are—and, in the speaking of it, shapes who we are. This allows both the lover and the beloved a freedom, a possibility, and a joy beyond those that are won through what we feel, what we do, what we have. In creating possibility, we get to know what’s possible in being human.

Manal Maurice, Landmark Forum Leader
Manal Maurice
Landmark Forum leader

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