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Business not as usual

Landmark Insights: Fish swimming outside of fishbowl

At some point today, you’re likely to hear someone utter a cry of defeat: IMPOSSIBLE. You may hear it ricochet through the corridors of a company. You may hear it from a family member or friend at home. Let your guard down and you may hear it from the most damning place of all—yourself. Be careful. “Impossible” is the early warning sign of giving up. Should you hear this word or any of its offspring—unfeasible, impractical, incompatible, unsolvable, insurmountable—stop everything and do whatever it takes to eradicate their prefixes.

Every day we are presented with opportunities to live as if it’s business as usual or to create something beyond who we’ve been and what we know. Taking new ground—whether it’s in expressing ourselves individually and fully, questioning firmly held assumptions, making the difference we’re out to make—requires disrupting our old conversations.

Unlearning is required when the conversations we revert to no longer work, or the world has changed so completely that the conversations are now holding us back. There is no right place to begin. We may not know what to do or how to do it we simply need to move what we see as possible into action. Beyond business as usual—beyond just showing up and living life day after day—is the ability to choose and create a future POSSIBILITY we really want and will dare to make happen.

* Adapted with permission. © Bull HN Information Systems, Inc.

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