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The word that allows for “yes”

Landmark Insights: The word that allows for “yes”

Choice. It’s the word that allows yes and the word that makes no possible. It’s the word that puts the free in freedom and takes obligation out of the mix. It’s the word upon which adventure, exhilaration, and authenticity depend. It’s the word that the cocoon whispers to the caterpillar.*

We tell ourselves, sometimes, that living a transformed life isn’t  that important, that it’s enough just to get by. We get wrapped up in our own concerns, particular points of view, or positions, and the idea of getting ourselves to a place where things can be great seems too big an undertaking. If somebody had a magic powder to come and sprinkle on us and just through that we’d  be transformed, we might say, “No, thanks—I don’t want any!  Let me stay just as I am.” It takes courage to live in a transformed way—to wrestle with our resistances, to give up mediocrity, to live consistent with what we know is possible in being human. It’s always and only a matter of our choosing.

* Adapted from Tom Robbins

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