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What forwards and what constrains

Landmark Insight by Angie Mattingly, Landmark Forum leaderHow we describe, label, hold things, think things—it’s within those frameworks that our lives unfold. There are no “facts” that limit possibility, there are only “conversations” that limit and constrain, or those that create and forward, what’s possible.

The “glass-half-empty” folks lean toward the idea that something’s wrong, something’s not there, something’s missing-as in problematic. The “half-full” folks are attending to what’s actually in the glass-as in what could be brought to the party-as in “missing as a possibility.”

If we’re going to create a possibility, it’s a matter of choosing, a matter of saying, and that’s the whole deal. It’s about discovering what’s possible in being human beyond the places where, unknowingly or knowingly, we might restrict or limit ourselves.

When we create “something missing as a possibility,” we set a point of choice, a point of commitment-things show up as openings for action.

Angie Mattingly, Landmark Forum Leader

Angie Mattingly
Landmark Forum leader

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