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Being fully ourselves—the courage to live in a transformed way

Landmark Insights: The pay is actually about the same (butterfly says to caterpillar)


Having power, success, and freedom is a lot more risky than not having them. This business about freedom, about power, is really a product of a place to stand. It takes courage to live in a transformed way—to give up mediocrity, to live consistent with what we know is possible, even when there’s nothing urgent at stake. If we find ourselves “settling for less” from time-to-time and can see that as an invention, a matter of saying, it affords us a larger opening—power and freedom are ours again. Being fully ourselves always wants to happen in us and requires our active participation. It’s not something out in front of us that we’re working on, or measuring ourselves against, it’s not predictive, not a “get-to” thing—it’s declarative, a “come-from” thing, a place to stand, a matter of saying. Our ideals, standards, and expectations occur in language. Our reluctance, accommodation, and powerlessness occur in language. Yet, language is the home, the only home of possibility. If anything creative is going to show up in life, the domain in which it shows up is the stand for its possibility, like a real action in life.  

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