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Being the mission director for our life

While our understanding of things comes largely from our past experience, our inspiration, motivation, vitality and power come from a future—that toward which we live, that which shapes and directs our choices and our actions. The game is to make something up, to invent something, to generate an enterprise—to have a mission called living, and to constitute that mission with a vision, purpose, and values.

It’s when we allow ourselves to be shaped by a future, to reach outward toward possibilities that our vision comes into play—vision not as merely an idea or fantasy of how we’d like life to be, but what gives scope, power, and dimension to our lives.

We present ourselves with the challenge to step forward and discover what it will take to move from what we see or imagine as possible into action. That may include everything from recognizing critical opportunities along the way, maximizing potential, engaging powerfully with breakdowns, risking our certainty with new ways of thinking and expressing our commitments in a way that inspires action from others.

In our vision, we find a dignity and grandeur to living. We are the mission director for the mission called our life, we are the ones saying something is possible.

Manal Maurice, Landmark Forum Leader
Manal Maurice
Landmark Forum leader

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