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Many of us think of possibility either, as choosing among a variety of opportunities and options, or something that might occur at a later point in time. Possibility, however, allows us to …Read more >

Our inner voice is reassuringly or irritatingly always there on tap, offering us the unfailing, if ambiguous, company of a guest who does not plan to leave.* We essentially enter into conversations …Read more >

Landmark Insights: The value of money

The form and composition of money may change (e.g. livestock, beads, metal, paper, bitcoins, etc.)—but its significance remains. “Money is a fact of life, yet most of us understand it far less …Read more >

Landmark Insights: Business not as usual

At some point today, you’re likely to hear someone utter a cry of defeat: IMPOSSIBLE. You may hear it ricochet through the corridors of a company. You may hear it from a colleague, …Read more >