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“…In virtually every human society, ‘he hit me first’ or ‘he started it’ provides an acceptable rationale for what comes next. It’s thought that a punch thrown second is legally and morally …Read more >

Power and freedom in the face of doubt

Living in the face of a possibility can sometimes be difficult—difficult in the ways poetry, music, or a deep intimacy can be difficult, because it doesn’t explain, it doesn’t …Read more >

Beyond the vicious circle

Our stories represent the richness of what it means to be human—there is a power, validity and value in them, but not when those stories get confused with the presence of life. …Read more >

Landmark Insights: Coming face to face with how we make meaning

“The world is out there, but descriptions of the world are not. Descriptions of the world can be true or false—the world on its own, unaided by [language], cannot. The world does …Read more >

Landmark Forum leader Larry Pearson

If you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living.* If we can consider that mistakes and breakdowns are a making up, an invention, a declaration of something missing instead of …Read more