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The ‘I,’ as we know it, is not an absolute

When we become aware of our default views and begin to see ourselves as authors of those interpretations, we recognize that the “I,” as we know it is not an absolute. Read more >

Landmark Insights: We are what we imagine

Transforming our relationships with ourselves, each other, and the world with which we interact requires a radical departure from our familiar notions of selfhood. It takes becoming aware of… Read more >


Two mirrors facing each other create a fun-house hall that ricochets an image back and forth until it vanishes into an infinite regress. If we placed a chameleon in that hall, it …Read more >

Landmark Insights: Possibility leaves us with power and freedom

An “expectation unfulfilled” or “ideal unfulfilled” leads to a lack of power, where a “possibility unfulfilled” leads to a possibility—and no loss of power or freedom. When we look at our experience…Read more >


We take for granted that things are a particular way—and that it’s the facts, realities, and circumstances that determine what’s possible. We often, however, don’t see the contexts from which we come …Read more >

We commonly think of freedom as “freedom from,” “freedom of,” or “freedom to” do or be something, or as the ability to define alternatives and select among them. But freedom far exceeds …Read more >


Possibility is an element of temporality, of time. We are localized in the present, but our overlay—our relationship to the present—is never just the present itself, it’s either the past/present or the …Read more >