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The stone must gravitate and tiger must pounce. Only human…

Landmark Insights, the stone must gravitate and the tiger must pounceThe stone and the tiger have no choice of life. The stone must gravitate and tiger must pounce. Only human beings are faced with the mind-boggling responsibility of having to choose, at each and every moment of their lives, what to do and what to be. It is both a necessity and an invitation. *

This quote pretty much covers the territory. Transformation is about coming to grips with what it means to be human. It prompts us toward risk—a risk inseparable from living—that carries with it a wisdom and a knowing that that choice is ours. It’s from there that the full range available to us in being human can be explored and lived.

* Jose Ortega Y Gasset

Landmark Forum Leader Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio
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Adapted from: The Power of Context and the Courage to Create

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