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Nothing Landmark Insight by Joe DiMaggio, Landmark Forum leader

Where would something happen if there wasn’t nothing? Everything would be static. There could be no motion between bodies, no music minus silence, no rhythm without pause, no meaning without space between …Read more >

Living from an invented context has just as much impact and command value as living from a default context—the difference, however, is the difference between a life of predictability and a life of possibility.
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Landmark Insights: The stone must gravitate and the tiger must pounce

The stone and the tiger have no choice of life. The stone must gravitate and tiger must pounce. Only human beings are faced with the mind-boggling responsibility of having to choose, at …Read more >

Landmark Insights blog, Joe DiMaggio, Landmark Forum leader

Choice. It’s the word that allows yes and the word that makes no possible. It’s the word that puts the free in freedom and takes obligation out of the mix. It’s the …Read more >

Landmark Insights blog, the color is no longer what it was

When we compromise, even in the tiniest of matters, it’s easier for those compromises to become more and more commonplace. Over time, bit by bit, this erodes our sense of self. It’s …Read more >

Reaching outward—the power to reshape the course of events

We somehow hold on to the underlying notion that a certain predictability and control are possible, but at some point in our lives, we experience situations which are inherently unpredictable, times where …Read more >

Language is the bridge between the uncreated and the created worlds. It is both the ultimate reality and the instrument through which reality is brought forth. There’s a world out …Read more >

Upsets: Altering the Dynamic

We have this underlying way of thinking and being that there is a certain order to things–and we often take that idea to imply that a certain predictability and control are possible. …Read more >

Acknowledgment—a powerful catalyst

We doubt, endlessly we doubt. If we had the chance to be “free of doubt,” would we take it? If yes, what then.* Starting from a premise that who we really are …Read more >


Breakthroughs begin with holding a picture of what if, what might, what could be. Breakthroughs come from being committed to something even if the path to achieve it is unclear. Breakthroughs aren’t …Read more >

Landmark Insights: Nothing: an essential element of transformation

As anyone can tell you, it’s a short step from asking the question: “What does it all mean?” to arriving at the inevitable answer: “Nothing.” Meaning is constructed by each of us …Read more >


“…Our teacher asked for nominations for the best song. All hands were in the air. When I announced my choice, a long and embarrassing silence followed. I loved that song, but if …Read more >

Landmark Insights: Girl dispelling myth

Superman had issues with Kryptonite. For Achilles, it was his heel. For us, it’s the three-part myth of “is, because, and I.” With this myth in place, the freedom, power, and dimensionality …Read more >