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The path to power and freedom

What if we were born happy, fulfilled, and satisfied; and there was no need to make it because we had it already made. And then imagine that the notion “…there’s something wrong …Read more >

Landmark Insights: Inventing an enterprise for our lives

Throughout our lives, we’ve each had special dreams and hopes—times there was something about ourselves, our community, our family, our world—that sparked for a moment that called to us.

Freedom a matter of choosing, a place to stand

We commonly think of freedom as the ability to define options and choose among them. The context or framework inside which we talk about freedom is freedom “from,” freedom “of,” freedom “to.” …Read more >


In taking on big commitments, games worth playing, there will always be failures. Dealing with them effectively requires a special sort of environment, a way of being, in which what we have …Read more >


When we’re out to create a breakthrough, step outside any constraints of our circumstances, and stand for something we don’t know how to achieve, we don’t reference what we’re out to create …Read more >