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Landmark Insights blog, I love my city

Landmark Insights blog, I love my cityOn his way to the office, where P.P. Singh worked as the IT head of a British multinational, he daily encountered untamed traffic, large pot holes, garbage, and stretches of barren land. Rather than wait for change or blame others for the conditions in Faridabad—a city of 1.4 million people in Northern India— Singh took a bold step toward improving the safety and cleanliness of his city.

“After discussions with friends, colleagues, and family members, we knew something had to be done. We created a voluntary organization named ‘I Love My City,’” says Singh. “We had no clue what to do. We started with repairing potholes on the city roads, and it escalated from there.”

What began as a small gesture mushroomed into a variety of social awareness programs that empower people to make a contribution that impacts the well-being of all. “Landmark was instrumental,” says Singh, “in my having the courage to jump in and take the first step.”

I Love My City solicited the support of city officials, police, media, industrialists, and residents about their role in improving civic sense, cleanliness, and road safety. The organization planted 200 trees in residential parks and distributed free dustbins to roadside vendors to build awareness of cleanliness and hygiene. These efforts continue to expand and flourish across the city. “The organization has grown to hundreds of people helping to make our city a proud place to live,” says Singh.”

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